Learn about Raffle’s accessibility features: Screen Reader Support, Keyboard Navigation, Zoom, Contrast, Closed Captions, and Alt Text.


This document contains an overview of how Raffle Search complies with Web Accessibility.

At Raffle, we take Web Accessibility very seriously and it’s important to us that our customers get the best possible experience when using our search products.

Accessibility Standards

There are well-known accessibility standards for web content (such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG for short). At the moment, we have not done any systematic, in-depth assessments (for example using automated tools) to verify compliance with web accessibility. This is work in progress.

We have, however, done so-called quick assessments using web accessibility checkers, like the SiteImprove Accessibility Checker, and no severe issues have been detected.

Web Accessibility

This section covers some of the most important aspects of Web Accessibility and how Raffle Search handles them. This list presented below is by no means exhaustive, but it does include the most common areas.

Screen Reader Support

Screen readers can be a great help to assist people who have difficulties seeing, to access and interact properly with digital content, e.g. a web site or part of a web site.

Raffle Search has been designed to work with screen readers. I.e. fields of the UI components can be read out loud and questions and corresponding answers can be read as well. For example in the Chrome browser, the user can press Command-F5 to start the built screen reader on MacOS to get Voice Over (VO) feedback on the text and controls.

Keyboard Navigation

In general, Raffle Search contains support for keyboard navigation, which means that you can Tab through the UI and the elements of the search results as well as using Enter to select them.


In the Search UI, you use the browser’s zoom functionality to increase the text and images you need enlarged. Still at a 200% zoom level, the search controls and answers can easily be read from the screen.


We focus a lot on making the text and other elements on the screen easy to read and use a font that renders well on all devices. However, this topic is still pending thorough testing.

Colors are mainly chosen by the customers themselves and will usually be adapted to the color-scheme of the hosting web site.

Closed Captions

As we usually don’t have a lot of video material and typically present text-based content, this particular topic does not apply to Raffle Search.

Alt Text

(For Images and non-text Content) In Raffle Search, we are mainly presenting data coming from the original sources. And if present, the alt text is kept from all the original images. We do not apply additional alt text annotations if no alt text is present.


This document describes at a very high level how Web Accessibility (WCAG 2.1) is handled by the Raffle Search. It emphasizes the importance of being compliant and talks about how Raffle actively works with ensuring that our end-user facing components are taking various kinds of disabilities into consideration.

To summarize, we are compliant, but if anything is discovered, we will do what we can to fix it as soon as possible.