Automatically import website data by letting Raffle scrape your pages. Just provide the URL for seamless data integration.

Onboarding Process

During Onboarding, the customer will be asked to provide the following:

When a customer account has been set up, the script (for widgets) or tool_id (for Raffle API) will be handed over to the customer for internal testing and implementation.

Implementation Period

The duration of the implementation depends on the customer, as the internal processes may include tests, discussions and finalizations before deciding to implement Raffle Search.

Once the Search UIs are ready, the search script is implemented either by adding it directly to the site code or by using a tag manager, which takes approximately 20-60 minutes to configure. Check out the script implementation documentation for reference.

The Raffle API requires more in-depth developer work for custom API calls and UI configurations, as defined by the customer’s business needs.