Integrate Raffle Search UI into your SharePoint Online site with our SharePoint App. Quick and easy installation in under an hour.

Raffle can provide a Sharepoint App that will insert the Raffle Search Widget on a Sharepoint Online site.

Configuring the App

In order to configure the app with the right settings, you need to create a hidden list that will contain these options:

  • create a hidden List inside the site where the tool should be used; it must be named raffle-search

  • add the following columns:

    • raffleUid
    • targetId (for Embedded Search UI)
    • sharepointSearchContainerStyle (for disabling the default SharePoint search bar)
  • the first entry of the list should have the previous fields populated with the information associated with the tool (found inside the raffle web application on tool editing page)

    • raffleUid → tool UID
    • targetId → element selector (for Embedded Search UI)
    • sharepointSearchContainerStyle → style for disabling the Sharepoint default search bar:
    #O365_SearchBoxContainer_container {
      display: none;

The Raffle Search widget will now appear in the top bar on all the pages on the site.

Raffle Search will, by default, overlap the existing Sharepoint search bar. To remove the existing search bar, use the official powershell cmdlets documented here.

Connect-PnPOnline -url
https://<subdomain><site> -interactive

Set-PnPSearchSettings -SearchBoxInNavBar Hidden -Scope Web