Use Raffle as a browser extension. Download it from the Chrome Web Store, install it on your browser, and connect it to your Raffle account.

Download the Extension

To access Raffle Search via a browser extension, download the Raffle Search extension from the Chrome Web Store and follow the installation instructions. Read more about the Raffle Extension on our website.

In the top right corner of the browser, click the puzzle icon. A dropdown will be displayed and here, locate and click the pin icon next to the Raffle Search extension. This will enable the search to be pinned on the browser window.

Download Raffle Search Extension

Use the Plugin

Click the Raffle Search extension to sign in. For logging issues, refer to Reset Password or contact Raffle Support for assistance.

Pin the Search Extension

Raffle Search is now activated and connected to the provided knowledge bases. Click the Raffle Search extension to conduct quick searches. The position of the window can be modified by clicking on the kebab menu icon located at the end of the search bar.

Login to Raffle Search